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Super LNG project in the Arctic Circle
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Lonely, cold, sparsely populated, permafrost is widespread, often there is a bear and fox infested......

So harsh natural environment, even survival is a difficult problem, and how to build factories? Or super engineering? Before sabbetta interview, these questions repeatedly circled in the reporter's mind, until at Chinese and Russia in the Arctic's iconic energy cooperation projects -- the Yamal liquefied natural gas (LNG) project construction site.

The world's largest polar LNG project

Departure from Moscow, after more than 3 hours of flight, about 2400 kilometers, China Economic Times reporter first arrived in the town of polar sabbetta.

The sabbetta winter and night, the vast ice snow, very cold, even at noon, there is still a daybreak's dawn scene. Reporters at the outdoor stay less than 10 minutes, the cold wind had penetrated the thick down jacket cold back, eyebrows, eyelashes are hung on a layer of frost.

Local people told Chinese Economic Times reporter, a night for two months a year here, summer temperatures usually does not exceed 6 degrees, the average winter temperature is -24 DEG to -27 DEG C, and lasted for 8 months, the lowest temperature even up to -56 DEG C.

Sabbetta located in West Siberia of Russia plain northwest of the Yamal peninsula, Nenez in the local language, sub, meaning "land's end", this is Russia's largest natural gas storage area, underground gas reserves of 40 cubic meters trillion, accounting for natural gas reserves accounted for 85% of Russia's Ross, the world natural gas proven the reserves of 37%. Located in the northeast of the Yamal peninsula sabbetta is "at the end of the end, which was originally a small village more than and 600 kilometers north of the Arctic circle at a little-known, in recent years due to the Yamal LNG project to comprehensive development, to attract the attention of the world.

The Yamal LNG project is funded by the Russian Tektronix Inc Nova (50.1%), China Petroleum Corporation (20%), France (20%), Total (9.9%) silk road fund the largest LNG project jointly implemented first, the world's highest latitude in the Arctic Circle, a total investment of about $30 billion.

The project for gas condensate Mubie iske south of the Yamal peninsula gas field, has proven reserves of about 1 trillion and 350 billion cubic meters of natural gas and condensate oil is 66 million tons, mining license to the end of 2045, after the completion of the project can produce 16 million 500 thousand tons per year, LNG 1 million 200 thousand tons of condensate gas, of which 3 million tons of liquefied natural gas will be shipped to Chinese.

Multilateral cooperation in international energy projects

Natural gas is a combustible gas mined naturally in a gas field, mainly composed of methane. LNG condenses into liquid by cooling natural gas at atmospheric pressure to -162 DEG C at normal pressure. After the natural gas is liquefied, the storage and transportation space can be greatly saved, and the utility model has the advantages of high calorific value and high performance.

In recent years, with the increasing awareness of human environmental protection, the demand for natural gas as a clean energy has been increasing year by year, and the exploration and development of forced natural gas has been extended to the deep, deep and polar regions.

During the interview, China Economic Times reporter learned that, as early as 2006, the Russian businessman Nicola Paukachev (NikolayBogachev) on the feasibility of preliminary study of the south tower Mubie iske condensate gas field on the Yamal peninsula to build LNG plants, but until the Tektronix Inc Nova took over after the project has entered a substantive stage of research. Nova Taco (Novatek) is Russia's largest producer of independent gas and the second largest producer of gas in russia. In 2016, the company produced more than 62 billion cubic meters of natural gas.

However, such a huge project, whether it is capital, equipment, construction, organization and management, product transportation, or sales distribution, are not Nova Taco alone to complete.

To enable the project to start as soon as possible, from 2010 to 2011, Nova Tektronix Inc approached almost all of the leading LNG manufacturers around the world in search of technology, financing and marketing partners.

In 2011, Total to $425 million acquisition of the Yamal LNG 20% of the shares of the company. In 2013 9 months of oil and novatek Yamal LNG signed purchase 20% of the shares of the company agreement, and complete the delivery in January 2014. In October of the same year, CNPC signed the LNG purchase and sale framework agreement. Under the agreement, China imports 3 million tons of LNG from the project every year for a period of 15 years.

In December 2015, witnessed Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and Prime Minister of Russian Federation Medvedev, China Silk Road Fund and novatek Yamal LNG project signed a share transfer agreement, according to the equity transfer agreement, the Silk Road Fund to buy the Yamal project from 9.9% Nova Tektronix Inc shares. This form provides Total Russia led project construction, technology and consulting, Chinese provide funds and related equipment cooperation situation.

This year China will use "Arctic gas""

Countless lights like a little sunshine illuminate every corner of the project site, two cylindrical "giant" LNG gas tank will be completed, according to the design capacity, the Amar LNG project will build 4 large LNG storage tanks, each tank can store 170 thousand cubic meters of liquefied natural gas. PetroChina Russia Company, a staff member told reporters that the construction of storage tank adopts the modular construction, in addition to the field of concrete pouring in summer, 986 per seat at the bottom of the pile cap, storage tank and internal insulation parts, are made in other places after

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